The 6 Women Reps & Their Agenda

BEACONS OF HOPE: ANALYZING THE SIX WOMEN REPS SCORE BOARD AND HIGHLIGHTING THEIR SUCCESSFUL INITIATIVES. We know that women and girls are a powerful force for change. When we put women and girls at the center of development, we sure can break the cycle of poverty by gaining the knowledge and skills they need to participate in the economy and in the country’s development as well. We cannot end extreme poverty without focusing on women and girls, and the barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. When we put women and girls at the center of development, we can be assured a positive ripple effect across their families, communities and in this case, the Six Coast Counties and this is where our SIX Women Representatives come in. They have the opportunity to make a difference through their fulfilling the campaign promises they made last year. Will they? .(Write to us about this, are you impressed by your woman rep’s development agenda? your assessment and suggestions.

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